What do you know about shutters in Cornwall?

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What do you know about shutters in Cornwall?

Other than thinking about the color and style of your desired plantation shutters, what do you really know about them? In this blog we’ll let you compare the difference between our custom made shutters from S:CRAFT and the ready-made shutters that are flooding the market in Cornwall today.

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What are the differences between different types of shutter?

Bathroom Louvred Window Shutters St AustellLess expensive shutters are known to use cheaper wood products along with simpler manufacturing techniques. This can mean that key components such as assembly joints are of extremely poor quality. Wood that hasn’t been treated can also be affected by warping and bowing, so premium custom made shutters would minimize this risk.

Impurities and additives in PVC shutters can carry health and environmental risks during manufacturing. This can have knock-on effects in your home, as well as disposal problems should you ever choose to get another product. If you do go down this route, be sure to ask for a toxic free certificate as a result.

In cheap shutters, there may be a depletion of color, just like some outdoor furniture which is prone to fading when exposed to UV light. Unfortunately, PVC shutters aren’t suited to UV unless they are manufactured with the correct additives, which would ensure a long lasting product.

By contrast, the S:CRAFT Java range of ABS shutters are extremely safe and durable. As well as being fully waterproof and custom made, they are crafted from the same material as Lego, who also choose to make their children’s products out of ABS.


Just about every company offers a warranty on their products, but do you really know what is covered and for how long?

Most people do not take the time to read all the fine print that defines the terms and conditions of the warranty. The sales personnel will tell you what you want to hear about a multi-year warranty when in fact, the details in the fine print say that your actual coverage is only available for a shorter period.

Even if the warranty states that it goes on for longer, there are usually dozens of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘how-evers’, which will give the seller a reason to either charge for a call out, shorten or even terminate your warranty. Most will cover the product for an initial period (usually the first year) but may apply a service fee for any call out or have a long list of exclusions.

At Shuttercraft Cornwall, our warranty is simple. Initially for 3 years and extendable to 5 years if required. We don’t need thousands of words to protect us, which is why make sure we offer the best warranty in our field. We provide the best quality product fitted correctly, first time, every time.

How insulating shutters Falmouth Cornwall

How insulating are shutters?

Most PVC shutters have hollow blades which offer basically no thermal insulation. Additionally, the hollow blades sometimes do not operate well if left in one position for an extended amount of time. Correctly fitted high quality shutters can improve thermal insulation in your house by up to 50%.

The superior insulation factor helps keep the heat out and the coolness in. This means that temperature is not lost directly through your windows. That is a monthly saving on your utility bills that means your shutters just keep on giving value back into your home.

How hygienic are shutters?

You should also be aware of mould build-up in hollow shutters, especially as most companies will exclude this from their warranty. This mould can lie undetected and is sometimes only identified by a musty smell in your house.

Custom made shutters from S:CRAFT are solid and not hollow, which prevents this mould, bending or bowing. You can also opt for a Hygienilac coating for an additional cost. This unique wood lacquer kills 99.9% of germs for as long as 10 years, and will make sure your shutters are as hygienic as possible.


Cornwall Skylight Shutters for BathroomWhen buying plantation shutters, quality really does count. Even though a cheap shutter may be advertised with a 20-year warranty, remember that the manufacturer may not have even been around that long or have a proven track record in the market.

Make sure you engage with a company that is licensed, and if you see an incredibly length terms and conditions sheet, show caution before making a commitment.

Here at Shuttercraft Cornwall, we only offer products from S:CRAFT, which has a proven track record and years of product proof.

We believe in supporting local business and local communities. Our only goal is your satisfaction and with the best product and best fit, we have you covered.

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