Plantation Shutters fitted in Mousehole

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Mousehole Window Shutters Full Height from Shuttercraft

Bringing light to a home with plantation shutters in Mousehole

We were recently in Mousehole, fitting a number of shutters for one of our customers who was looking to provide a uniform look and feel throughout their home. We had installed shutters in her next-door neighbour’s house, and she was suitably impressed. He had obviously recommended us, as she contacted us soon after.

Plantation Shutters for Doors in MouseholeSituated in the picturesque village of Mousehole, the house was old (c.1842) and had the unique feature of an old ship beam in the living area, which we needed to scribe round in order to achieve light block. A delightful home was completed, with our shutters being fitted in the living area, front door, master bedroom and bathroom, and yet another satisfied customer of Shuttercraft Cornwall.

Although our customer opted for the classic Full Height style throughout most of home, she also wanted a tier-on-tier shutter installation in the master bedroom window. As well as being larger than others, it was also to match up with the existing transom, which none of the other windows featured.

With larger glass panels on the front door, shutters provide much needed privacy, as well as light control, with a centre tilt rod creating a classic look. Shutters also provide kerb appeal, adding a stylish elegance when viewing the home from the outside looking in, just as much as inside looking out.

Bathroom Java Waterproof ABS ShuttersChoosing from the Fiji range of premium wooden shutters for windows throughout the home, our customer also opted for Java in the bathroom, as the waterproof ABS makes it perfect for the increased humidity. She also selected the Pure White colour, with 63mm louvres, for all shutters, which was based on personal preference, providing a uniform look throughout the property.

The feedback we were given by our customer was that they were very pleased with the shutters, especially regarding the design and customer service that we provided.

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Shutter installation choices:

  • Colour: Pure White
  • Style: Full Height / Tier-on-Tier
  • Features: Centre Tilt Rod
  • Material: Fiji / Java (Bathroom only)
  • Louvre size: 63mm
  • Location: Mousehole

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